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    Default 40+ weeks... worried and in pain

    Ok, so I'm getting genuinely concerned for mine and my babys health.
    1. I'm 40+3, 3rd baby, I've never gone over before and I've had 9lb and 9lb 4oz bubs previously... I'm so worried about her size... docs and midwives have commented on her size on multiple occasions but tell me not to worry about it... they said that at my 40 week appointment they would take into account that I've had bigger bubs and not let me go the full 10 days over... but here I am with an induction appointment at 40+10... she is getting big, I am huge and there's no room left in there! I just have a horrible feeling that she's extra big and I'm freaking out!!
    2. I'm having no signs of labour being near, they couldn't even do a sweep cause I wasn't dilated enough to get fingers in to do it... and my cervix is not favorable for induction yet... I get heaps of braxton hicks contractions but nothing ever strong... I never thought I'd see 40 weeks with # 3 let alone go over and need to be induced...
    3. I'm in so much pain! More than any other pregnancy! Pelvic pain, back pain, headaches, oedema, carple tunnel... I can't drive after about midday, I can't walk properly, I cant sleep! Sometimes I cant even make a cup of tea because my hands can't grip anything...

    Thank god this is my last baby and I never have to do this again!

    I've been trying everything to get this bub moving and nothing... so the last few days I've been trying to just relax and chill and only do what I need to but I still cant help worrying and being stressed about her size... the longer I'm pregnant the bigger she's getting!!

    I don't know what to do! The doctors are not listening! And I'm freaking out!! People say just chill and let nature run its course... but I can't do it. She's too big and I'm in too much pain!
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