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    Default ankles that appear rolled in and can only stand on tippy toes

    Hello, new to this site so hope im posting in the right area

    My son is 11 months old, not walking on his own yet but is pulling him self up on furniture and walking along that and has been doing that for about 2 months.

    My concern is that when he is standing and even walking along it he cannot seem to be able to stand flat footed, he is rite up on his tippy toes and when i try and encourage him to stand on his full foot he sits down straight away, its as if it hurts him or he just feels very unsteady, i managed to get a photo of him on his flat foot while my sister gentle supported him and was holding his knees to get him to. I will try and copy a picture of his feet to this post, when he does stand properly when im encouraging him hes ankles appear to be "rolling in" and just look completely out of place??

    im 21 years old and since i started walking i was very flat footed and required orthotics, podiatrists could never work out why untill i was a little older and i started getting bunions (passed down from my great grandmother we think) now 21 years down the track i have massive bunions that are extremely painfull and has caused my feet, ankles, knees and even my hips to be out of place and im scared this is the start of that for my son.

    Has anyone experienced something similar with the tippy toeing and ankles looking as tho the are rolled in when standing and what treatment or ways of fixing this do you do or where recommended to do?

    im booked in with a very good podiatrist but just so worried in the meantime.

    Any help or advise would be appreciated.

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    Hi melr2013, I have moved this thread to a more appropriate area for your question, so hopefully you are able to get some replies.

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    My daughter is nearly 11mo and can't stand yet. When I do try and make her take weight on her legs it's always tippy toes and seems to hurt her. So I'm not sure if both our kids are wrong or right!

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    Kids can do all kinds of odd things and sometimes it's a sign of something and often it's just their special little way. I would suggest seeing your GP or child health nurse and asking them to give you a referral to a paediatric physio.
    Good luck

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    Hi @melr2013 , I have heard that putting bubs in rolling-walkers or jolly jumpers encourages tippy-toe walking as it tightens the Achilles in the heal or something.

    I'll copy what I just wrote on someone else's post who just asked a similar question about rolling-in heals (not tippy-toe walking).......

    My 2.5yo dd has the same thing and I've just got some little orthotics for her as my DH had the same thing and now has a terrible back which I feel like might be connected? I thought it was just flat feet but the podiatrist pointed out that she just has super flexible joints and if left alone, her bones will harden and her feet will grow like that which is what happened to my DH and his mom and his grandma (mom's mom). The podiatrist gave example by pointing out how her knees go too far backwards when she's standing up straight and he was able to bend her thumb right back like my hubby's....way more than mine go! Now we're just trying to get her used to wearing them as they will only work if she wears them alllll the time. We are slowly changing all of her shoes to have supportive/high-ish backs too .

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    - these cost $60
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