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    Default What do I do now? Need advice pls

    So DS 3yrs 4 months has been sick with fever, runny nose and coughing since LAST Monday (so over a week already)

    His fever has been getting up close to 40 a few times. I've been giving him nurofen, he's also been complaining on and off of a sore tummy which I thought maybe was because of the nurofen so I've switched to Panadol, but he actually started saying it the day he got sick so maybe it's not because of that.

    Anyway, I took him to the doctor on Saturday, I probably should have taken him earlier but I didn't. Anyway, Saturday doc checked him, said he is working hard to breathe and sucking in by ribs etc and then measured his blood oxygen level and it was right down to 83. They gave him ventolin and redipred and Panadol and told us to RUSH to the hospital. We felt awful as didn't realise how sick he was...

    Anyway, got to hospital and by that stage his stats were a lot better, oxygen 97 and no fever and all ok. They kept him there for 4 hours under observation all the while telling us he was fine and they didn't believe what our doctor had said and that the blood oxygen level must have been wrong.

    Anyway after 4 hours waiting and no medicine etc, they sent us home. Told us to go back to gp for check up today, which i did.

    Today gp checks again, says he looks a little better, had no fever at that stage, but still has bad cough, runny nose etc. Then I said can we pls check his oxygen levels again as hospital said they are surely wrong. We check and sure enough they battle (again) with the machine and gives another reading of 83/84!!! They try a different machine and after a lot of stuffing around, it gives a reading of 94/95, then they give him more ventolin and send us home saying if things get worse, go back to hospital or ring gp again.

    I am now concerned as his fever is back again, it's a low grade fever of round 37.4 but still a bit of a fever...

    They just said ventolin every 4 hours and thats it. Panadol as necessary.

    What now? Doc said it's most likely a virus but how come it's lasting so long?

    My poor little guy is now lying on the couch fast asleep, he never does that

    I'm going to ring gp again now and see what she says.

    I'm concerned that this fever just keeps coming back, it's been 9 days now
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    I would bypass the go and head to the hospital. Don't give him panadol till a dr has seen him or it will mask the fever. Be strong and demand answers Good luck

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    Nine days of fever is a long time - a respiratory infection?

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    That's a long time for a fever. I'd definitely be getting back to the Dr.

    Also. ...pulse ox... If not taken correctly with a good trace is unpredictable. Especially if it isn't a child's size. I have my own SATs monitor at home as my dd has a heart condition. Even the pulse ox at the paed's office doesn't get a correct reading because it's too big for my daughter's fingers/toes. I would tend to trust the hospital one as I'm sure they would use a correct size for a child.

    If there is fever... And sucking in breathing (recession) I would be heading back to hospital and getting him checked.

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