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    I'm not sure we're quiet there yet, vik it's very honest of your DH to say that, I think sometimes I forget the toll it takes on them as well as us. It's a really tough decision isn't it. I saw a councillor after our last cycle, I hope it helps you process it all, and even though everyone says it, we're lucky to have one bubba.

    I think we are going to do another round. We had an appointment with our FS about 3 weeks ago and he wants to try a different tact. Reason he didn't before is because we had success with my ds. But we've always had a bad egg pick up. We are doing a down regulation cycle, so going back on the pill (I hate the pill) to be monitored. The cycle is long about 7-8 weeks I think and as I have pcos there's risk ohss

    Having said that, we are away at the moment and with ds nearly 2, and it gets so much easier as they get older we half heartedly say it would easier not to have a baby again lol
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