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    Although I had private insurance with my first baby, I decided not to use it. Obstetricians in private system would be paid out of my pocket anyway (well, mostly) and it turned out it would cost me really big. Not to mention that you need to book one early. Same goes for scan, if you aim for public, secure appointment now or as early as possible. I had to go private cause waiting time would see me pass my 12-14 weeks term anyway.
    So, I went public (health) - except scans, as I stuck to the same provider with all my 3 boys (I decided that if I trust them and they are good and thorough, it's worth it). And health care was good, birth and stay in the hospital also good/very good, midwifes were really great and supportive, and I felt really well taken care of.
    Having say that, I had low risk pregnancies, even considering my age, only that second and third was 10 days overdue.

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    Thanks again for all these replies, they're very helpful.

    Sorry, I have one final question. In the UK as soon as your employer knows you're pregnant they are required by law to complete a risk assessment with you to cover any possible danger to you and ways to prevent them, anything from being put in a dangerous situation with a customer to working alone in the office on a weekend, and getting to and from work safely.
    Is a similar thing done here? I ask because my job is very stressful, I work in a call centre, I hate it but that's a whole other story. Our company has just changed all our KPIs to unrealistic targets with threats of warnings and eventual sackings if we don't meet them (maybe 2 or 3 people out of 500 or so are) and so many people go home and cry each night, me included, because we're under so much pressure, and many are taking up our free in house counselling sessions to cope with the pressure. I'm scared of losing my job from failing, but I'm also scared of stressing too much and then having a miscarriage because of it. Unfortunately I can't quit as I won't get maternity leave so I need to stick it out.
    What happens if I get morning sickness and it affects my performance through either time off the phone or working slower, can they then sack me if it affects my performance?

    This is my last question I promise


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