Hi everyone I am currently due with my first baby in March.
I am also completing a research project through the Doctor of Clinical Psychology program at Griffith University and I'm looking for some participants! Mums and toddlers ages 18-36months.

My research is hoping to make advances in understanding the parenting processes that promote, and hinder, the development of toddlers ability to regulate themselves emotionally and behaviourally. Regulation has been found to be incredibly important to the development of many future achievements as well as psychological issues in early and adult life.

I'm currently looking for typical mum and toddler pairs to participate in my last study. You'll come to Griffith Mt. Gravatt for up to 1 hour. You'll participate in a basic set of everyday tasks together for 20 minutes before you then fill in a questionnaire that takes up to 30 minutes. A research assistant will be available to play with your child while you fill in the paperwork. Your child will receive a small toy as a token gift. Please contact on 0414 534 162 or email ourania.merlo@griffithuni.edu.au for more info! Please help