I'm 8w + 5 days and in the past week I have had the strangest dreams.

In one of them my ex committed suicide (not a nice one)

In another I had promised to sleep with a man who, in real life, actually repulses me. He setup a romantic bedroom and told me he couldn't wait to ravage me...The idea grossed me out and I didn't want to go through with it but didn't know how to tell him. Then the dream ended thank God!

Last night I dreamt that I was lying on a hospital bed waiting to give birth when they cut me open and told me to put my hand on my daughter's head (I have no idea of gender yet of course) which I did, then they just waited for me to go into natural labour and I was thinking, "I'm already cut open, what are you waiting for!"

And there have been many others I can't recall right now.

I have no idea what dreams mean, if anything, but they are sure keeping me entertained at night!

Who else is having these?