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    Default New to PCOS and starting fertility treatment with Provera & Letrozole (AKA Femara)

    Hi there, my name is Kaz, I'm 26 years old and I have recently been diagnosed with PCOS. I am just wanting to share my experience with anyone new to PCOS and anyone who might be able to offer support/advice:

    So the last few months have been rocky. I went off the pill in January and experienced acne within a couple of weeks and my cycles got gradually longer. My cycles started at about 35 days and for a few cycles varied between 35 to 45 days until the last one which was 65 days. It had been 6 months since I went off the pill so I began to realise my body might not just be in pill detox mode. I had been in denial that anything was wrong, I had started BBT temping which only caused frustration and disappointment and was getting me down. Of my 4 close female friends 2 of them have PCOS and it was one of them who pushed me to see my GP and get tests done. The hormone blood work came back in a normal range but my ovaries were clearly cystic on vaginal ultrasound.

    My GP referred me to an ob/gyn in Ballarat, Victoria and on the 9th of September I gritted my teeth and braced myself for what was in store. No amount of research prepared me for the amount of information he and one of the clinic's nurses threw at me. I expected ultrasounds, weight analysis, more blood tests, insulin tests and more waiting for answers before treatment. I was quite surprised when they merely asked me general questions about my cycles and my acne before and post pill, my weight (which has been fairly steady and in the higher scale of healthy according to my bmi) before launching straight into a very clear explanation of PCOS and immediately putting me on my way to treatment.

    On the 11th of September (CD58) I began taking Provera to induce a period which I took for 7 days (until the 17th). I got my period on the 20th and 3 days into that period I was advised to to start taking Letrozole for 5 days (currently on the 4th day) which is followed by an ultrasound on CD12 which will hopefully show one mature follicle and get the BD happening.

    I'm very pleased with the quick action they took although I was slightly thrown because in all my research I'd only come across people talking about Metformin and Clomid and yet this clinic, which is a large clinic that staffs quite a few ob/gyns, ivf & fertility specialists almost always use it as first treatment.

    I have not had any side effects with the Letrozole which I'm pleased about and I'm booked in for my scan to happen on the 1st of October which I'm both excited and nervous about.

    I hope to be able to keep this thread posted with my experience for others who are offered this treatment... especially given there's not much out there about it! Some of the success stories I've read definitely hold promise though!

    Fingers crossed!

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    Good luck @ kazaylee I too am also on letrozole. Unfortunately though I have not been lucky enough to ovulate while using it.

    There are a few of is in the thread - New to Clomid & Nervous if you would like to pop over

    Sounds like you have a very switched on FS which is great

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    Thanks for your replay @DaniSam. I'm hoping I don't have an issue ovulating but they plan to monitor me closely and if I don't this cycle they'll change my plan for next cycle to include an pregnyl trigger injection. They certainly don't seem to want to muck around (which pleases me fine!). They mentioned another injection called ovidrel but I can't quite remember if it was the same or different.

    I'll head over to that thread you mentioned now to have a look!

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