Hi All,
Just wanted to introduce myself. I've been looking online at forum posts on and off for a while now and decided that it was time to reach out to others in the same boat as I'm sure that my friends are sick of me talking about EWCM and all that good stuff! My husband works a 2 and 1 FIFO swing so since our wedding this February it's been difficult to try every month, so out of 8 months we've only been able to try four months, this month (Sept) being our fourth, however, I had some key hole surgery in June to hopefully fix a few "issues"... So this will be our first real shot since the surgery. My hubby and I are both 37 and we want two kids, so between our clocks ticking and my limited fertility window, advised by my specialist, we need to fall asap! His work was kind enough to send him home on a training course this month so we could have a good week to try... So we are now in the TWW... I'm trying not to get my hopes up, it's terribly hard!! Anyone else on their TWW?? Thanks for reading! Good luck to you all this month!