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    Default TTC, Complex ovarian cyst, waiting for surgery *Sydney*

    Hello ladies.
    So I have been TTC with no success... My Dr ordered an ultrasound, a complex ovarian cyst was found. Forward 3 months and more scans, it's still there and grown 1cm.
    He wants me to get surgery, to get the cyst gone. He doesn't believe it's cancerous, but fears a rupture and just believes it's better out now. He expressed this to the gynecological unit at a public hospital, yet they are being very dismissive. I want the surgery too.. the pain and the unhappiness, and the want to be pregnant is breaking me..
    I meet with the surgeons tomorrow for a consult, likely to be shot down..
    The hospital is campbelltown, has anyone dealt with them or know of the waiting list?
    I have no insurance, I have a pension card.
    I wouldn't mind paying for the surgery if it gets done quicker.. but where to start..

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    Hi my situation was a bit different but I needed surgery for endometriosis through a public hospital. If you tell them you really want the surgery they will more than likely do it, but might put you as a category 3 and make you wait 12 months +. If they try that, ask to be referred to a smaller hospital that might do it quicker, I got mine done in 5 months instead of 12 months by doing that. Or sometimes if you pay to see a private gyno they can put you on their list in the public hospital and get it done quicker

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    I've no experience with Campbelltown hospital, but plenty with ovarian cysts, public health systems and laparoscopies to remove them.

    I've had 5 laps to remove complex cysts. Mostly to prevent a rupture/torsion but also to ensure they aren't cancerous. 3 of these were done as emergency surgeries, 2 as elective (which it's considered if they're booked ahead of time)

    In my experience, gynaecologists prefer to leave cysts unless they are a)
    Showing no signs of shrinking or b) are symptomatic. You have both. I doubt they will brush you off - ovarian cysts are not exactly an emergency when they aren't rupturing which may be why they seem dismissive. Hopefully they'll suggest it at your appointment tomorrow. As PP said, they may categorise you as a 3, although more likely it will be a 2 (within 90 days), which is good.

    I know the pain sucks, mine often had me bedridden and high as a kite, but they should deal with it.
    Good luck!


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