After not much sleep (sick kids) and a generally crap day yesterday (Mondayitis at it's worst) I was exhausted and just could not be bothered cooking so DH went and got everyone Mcdonald's. Not a good choice but I did stick to a smaller serving and choosing nuggets over a burger. One thing this challenge has taught me is that no matter what or where you choose to eat you can choose a better option or smaller portion and don't need to go to the extreme. It's not a fail, it is what it is and I can make even better choices for the rest of the week to compensate. Once upon a time I would have just given up all together.

Finally remembered to get some batteries for my scales. Another 1kg down over 2 weeks. Not much compared to some but a nice steady slow pace is ok with me because it's going down not up!

I have a date night with DH tonight.....We are going to see the Lion King at QPAC. Beyond excited as I have been waiting for years for it to come to Brisbane and that DH is coming with me (He is not big on Musicals so I usually go with my Sister). We will be having dinner out so that will be challenging. Huge thumbs up to the Inlaws for coming over to look after my energetic 4 boys

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