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    Default All-ages activities for kids

    Sooo, I was wondering whether anybody had any ideas of activities for a small group of kids (ages 2-12) to do together.

    I have heaps of ideas for outdoor activities, but my indoor ideas are a little limited. Anyone care to share anything that their older kids love that'd be suitable for littlies too?

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    A tricky question! It is indeed difficult to think up of something that will keep all the kids in the age group you mentioned occupied at one go, taking into account the fact that most kids have short attention spans. Still, being a homeschooling mum for the last couple of years, I have tried out a couple of ideas for games which may be helpful. Here goes:
    • Take a couple of bowls or washing basins full of different types of textured objects - peeled grapes, steel-wool pads, dry beans, cotton puffs, corn starch or cold cooked spaghetti - and create a sort of sensory table with all these objects. Make the kids sit in a circle, blindfold each child turn by turn and let him sift his hands through the bowl or basin and describe what comes in his hands. The correct guess wins them a candy.
    • Divide all the kids present into groups of 3 children each. Stack up all sorts of popsicle sticks, playing cards and building blocks, cushions, pillows etc you can get your hands on and challenge them to build forts and palaces out of them. This will keep each group busy for a while and they'll enjoy coming up with ideas.
    • I call this one the paper-bag skit game. This is fun especially when you have a larger group at hand (say 10-15 kids). Divide the kids into groups of 3-4 each. Give each group a bag filled with props such as spoons, dolls, pencils, toy jewelry, socks, handkerchiefs, ribbons, etc. Give them a stipulated time period (say 20 minutes) and let them construct a skit around the props and then enact it out in front of the audience. Each team should preferably be headed by the oldest kid in the group so that he can organize things.
    • You could also try and make such a time educational plus fun for the kids. For instance, take a look at science games like these. Using simple materials and objects meant for everyday use at home (e.g. in the kitchen), they can together carry out simple science experiments at home. The added benefit of these is that they'll be gainfully occupied doing something and then you can explain how things work; hence unknowingly they'll start relating to how science works.
    • When all else fails, there's always indoor bowling. This can never go wrong, provided you have ample space for this, e.g. a hallway or a long corridor at home. Line 6-10 plastic water bottles up at the end of your hall or living room. Place a line of duct tape to mark the starting line. Grab a medium-sized indoor ball and start bowling!
    Hope these helped!


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