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    Default FIFO Overseas - Brazil

    Hi all
    I am a long time reader, first time poster so hope I am in the right place.
    My DP and I have DD 3 years old and he has been working FIFO for the last 5 around Aus. We really enjoy this lifestyle. DP currently works 2:1 and I am studying at uni online and a SAHM.

    Today my DP called and said their company is expanding and starting a mine in Brazil. Basically he has been asked to go and while he dosnt have to it's something he is interested in. We are discussing it all at the moment as the roster would possibly be 4:2 which is not something we have done before.

    I guess I was just looking to see if there was anyone else with overseas FIFO experience and how it went for them.

    So far the only things I am worried about is
    Is it dangerous over there?
    If something went wrong at home he can't just jump on a quick flight to be home like he could now.

    Thanks all

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    Hi, I know you posted this a couple of months ago but I thought I'd answer anyway! My husband has worked o/s a couple of times now in Indonesia. The first time he was in the jungle on a 6/2 roster and the second time he was in Jakarta on 5/2. When he was in Jakarta it was much easier because we could talk on the phone every day easily and we could even face time because he had good internet. He was happier because he lived in the middle of the city so he had heaps to do and I was happier because 5 weeks is doable, 6 weeks is not, it's way too long.

    When he was in the jungle it was harder. We sometimes couldn't get on to each other and he would get rather whiney by the end of his swing so I didn't want to talk to him anyway!! I do feel a bit better when he is working in aus because I know he's only one flight away if I need him but in saying that, it's not really very hard to get home from most places these days. He did work on one site that was a 4 hour speed boat ride and a 3 hour drive to the airport, then 2 hours flying to Jakarta so that would have been tricky in an emergency.

    Did your partner end up taking the job?


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