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    Default Slightly shopping obsessed... brica fold n go bassinet

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    Justify my purchase?

    Thinking of getting this. Bub is due just before Xmas. Am going to in laws & probably my Dads during the hols. Already have a bassinet at the in laws but thinking of getting this for Dad's so I don't have to take up room in the car with the pack n play.

    So really it's just very useful for Dad's and that's it! Struggling thinking it might be a waste for just that one occasion. Having the room in the car might be very necessary due to the Xmas present load we usually have to bring back home. Also worried about it being on the floor when my toddler is around (he won't be at Dad's probably).

    Would be good for friends houses and I'm thinking would be a better alternative to the bouncer for the first few weeks of life bc I couldn't swaddle in that & my first born seemed uncomfortable in bouncer to begin with. (We have a bassinet at home already though!)

    Any other possible uses? Or do I have to concede that it's just a dumb buy

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    We had an older style one of these and it was great for when we were outside- in summer we spend majority of time outside in the pool/having bbq etc so it was great to be able to have bub out with us and still protected from mozzies and flies etc instead of her being stuck inside. Even when we went to the beach or park, same deal. Kept flies and mozzies away from bub. And much easier than lugging a big heavy porta cot around. Great buy if you ask me!

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