I have decided to dive head-first into it now that I have made the decision, so I have made an appointment with my GP for Thursday next week. She is already aware that I am looking into TTC as a single mother, so it won't be a shock to her. However, there was a concern that I actually skipped over my vaccination for Measles, Mumps, and Rubella back in primary school (I had an irrational fear of needles back then, but I'm fine with them now, plus...getting vaccinations done at school was usually not a very calming experience compared to those who opted to have it done by their family doctors.

But I digress, I will be definitely bringing up getting the vaccination done at that appointment, but...I also know I need to ask a LOT of questions in preparing TTC. I know some of the basic points, such as pre-natal vitamins like Folic Acid, but what else should I remember to bring up at this appointment? Though admittedly, I know Folic Acid is only one of the recommended vitamins, and there are natural treatments that produce the mucus (which the name escapes me at the moment as it's 5:30am and I'm having a bit of trouble sleeping).

To those who have "been there, done that", what is a list of things I can write down in order to ask about initially? I'm sure that as time moves onward into it, other questions will be needed.

One of my main concerns though, personally, is back December 2006 and through to February 2007, I had a bit of a scary menstrual issue. My AF started in early December very light...but it was almost constant, only giving me a 2-3 break and I was going through supplies thinking I was just having an odd, one-off period (no pun intended) By January, it was a regular flow, constantly, and in February, it got almost something out of a horror film (in 48-hours, I was changing every half-hour, and sometimes 10 minutes), that I had to see a doctor urgently. It shouldn't have taken me so long to have it checked, I know. But at the time, my cycles were already really weird and I've never been on the pill. I would skip AF's for about 4-5 months ever since puberty (started them at 15.5) so I thought it was just a way my body was saying "okay, time to act normal for your adult years, but first, let us "catch up' on what you've missed", but it finally scared me out of my mind.

I'm a 28-year-old virgin (personally, not physically/medically), so I knew I was never pregnant all those years, BUT, one cyst was found on my ovary when an ultrasound was done, and I was put on a short-term course of Northisterone to stop the AF's temporarily. The lining in my uterus was found to be very very thick, and I had become anemic from the iron loss in the blood (excuse the graphics). However, that got fixed up, and my periods went back to their normal (for me) behavior...missing a few, having one, missing another few. Until mid-2010, when magically...I was getting them even 31 days for a couple of months.

In 2011, I was diagnosed with a hyperthyroid, which has since cleared up and I have been off the anti-thyroid meds for over a year with no issue. My GP says it looked like just a build up after a virus or stress...which between 2009 and 2011, was a very stressful time, due to the fact my young, newborn nephew was born and diagnosed with Menkes Disease (a rare terminal illness) and passed in April 2011 at 20 months old, I was also going through some personal issues after leaving a very toxic relationship and battling some severe Agoraphobia. That issue, is 90% gone now, THANKFULLY, I just find very long travel distances and public transport a problem. But I'm learning to drive now, so that will be a thing of the past too, soon.

Since the temporary thyroid treatment though, my cycle is like clock-work, but I am very concerned that all those previous years, and the 3-month issue in 2006-2007 may be of some concern. Should I bring it to my doctor's attention? She was not the doctor who treated me during the issue with the cyst, so I'm wondering if it means I might have to have an ultrasound, or even an egg-count to make sure my chances haven't been significantly decreased?

As well as the whole bunch of other "I want to TTC, where should I be starting health-wise and what should I need to know" routine questions, of course. It's going to be a pretty heavy-based appointment, because I truly truly feel like I am ready, and I want to make it firm that I know I'm ready - aside from the nerves, but I should think that's quite normal. Lol.

Also, my apologies for this being so long...it wasn't my intention to go into the "fear" stuff initially...my brain races sometimes when I type and need to explain myself a little clearer - still a bit of an anxiety issue there.

So yes, ANY tips or suggestions would be most helpful, and very very much appreciated!