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    Default Bipolar in teens...experiences?

    Some may have been following posts on my sd....
    Tonight dh and I attended an information night on depression, to be aware of what we are dealing with for him and what steps to take etc.

    Interestingly there was also a discussion on bipolar in teens. The moment the speaker went through the symptoms dh and I looked at each other like a light had clicked and we were both thinking about sd.

    She fits every single criteria. There's been discussion before about her mum having it too.
    Has anyone experienced this? What avenue do we take?

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    Serious mental illness in teens is a tricky area and unfortunately conclusive diagnoses are hard to come by especially for teens overloaded with hormones, particularly girls. Hashemotos for example presents exactly like bipolar. I'd be wary of particular labels and suggest supporting the SD to try a range of different Counsellors of programs including online ones to see what works for her. If doctors are prescribing medication I'd ask for some clear information on what to expect and when to expect it so you'll know if it's effective. Medication regimes are often trial and error.

    Sleep plays a huge role in regulating emotion and more so for people with mental illness so it's a great place to focus effort - on getting good sleep, the right amount and regulating exercise and caffeine/stimulants if possible.

    I'm always cautious about teenagers being labelled with serious mental illnesses too early. That said, for people with bipolar, getting proper treatment can be life changing - so my main piece of advice is get as many second opinions as possible.

    You may also want to contact headspace and ARAFMI if you haven't already

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    I'd too be wary of placing a label on a child. From your other posts I would be thinking sd needs to have some solid boundaries in place and maybe some emotional regulation. From your posts I understand she's a young woman who has a poor relationship with her mum and her dad doesn't want to parent with limits as he needs the peace and quiet. My question is, who has sd's back? Who is her support network, who guides her and hugs her, who does she respect and who respects her? If she has one solid carer who sets limits and she hasn't settled then a psychologist might be helpful. Getting a diagnosis is probably not the first port of call.

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    i was a teen who was diagnosed with bipolar among other things. id be happy to help with some advice. i havnt read your other post and im sorry for writing this without doing so but i feel so strongly about bipoar as i have made the decision to try and control my bipolar non medicated.

    bipolar is such a hard thing to deal with, its a long and difficult journey. i had so much trouble with mine, i lashed out in so many ways, and i refused to turn to my parents but then again my parents had no interest in helping me or trying to understand my pain which is different from what you are trying to do.

    id be careful with trying to push them to talk. that always made me feel like i was being controlled like i had no say in anything which then in return made me lash out more. my biggest help was my friends at the time. they helped me so much just knowing i had someone to turn to to help me. thats the one thing my parents did help me with, they always supported me to spend time with my friends. they helped me find things that i enjoyed. hobbies like reading and music. they were my lifesaver when i felt like i was drowning.

    support her in ways that she needs, things she may not be asking for but what she needs. her friends, things to take her mind off whats troubling her. ways for her to center her thoughts.

    or even places that soothe her.
    i always had this one place that used to settle me, a place that has no bad emotions or bad thoughts or memories.


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