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Hi @Explora

My pregnancy wasn't unplanned... but I did struggle with the career and identity issues that you are struggling with.

I worked in construction (as an engineer) and did a bit of site work and FIFO, even when I was doing DIDO or Perth based work it was definitely not a career that could be done part-time, or even M-F 9-5 for that matter! It was a 6-7 day gig for long stretches...

I won't lie... even 2.5 years later, I MISS being on site with all the cool big toys and building things.. but I have found an alternative career path which utilises the past career as a base and allows me to work from home most of the time. I love being able to be home with DD and wouldn't change it for the world, and my new job pays well and so it's a win-win.

You've got plenty of time to think about whether there's a market or opportunity to consult with your current skills, or to think about doing some study to get you there?
Thanks for that, it's nice to know there are people who can identify with my position. There's a small chance I'll be able to consult...my area of industry is not big in my state or capital city, so I'm thinking a big more study will be required to make me more useful locally.

I'm glad it has worked out for you. I know that amazing doors can open if we stay focussed and positive so I will do that and see what happens