Hi All,


There has been 11 baby cot recalls so far this year! This is very concerning because people are being misled that cots meet Australian Standards, when they actually don't.

I've checked online, and there is some information about the Aus Standards, but nothing that I find which I am happy with.

I wonder if there would be interest in a video series to help parents easily verify if a cot meets the standards - especially for the cheaper cots found on ebay/gumtree etc.

Things I could cover:
- Sizes/dimensions and what to check
- Type of materials used - what to look for
- Dropsides - if you want a dropside cot, things to look for
- Paints - what does non toxic paint actually mean? What are VOC's etc?
- Mattress base levels - what are the requirements?
- Labeling Requirements - This one actually is a very easy one to check if the cot is likely to meet standards. Labeling Requirements are very easy for the manufacturer to get right - if they actually are complying with the standards. If their labeling is wrong or missing information, likely they aren't meeting the standards.

You can purchase the 2013 Standards online - a PDF copy is around $120 or so, but it is very technical. I could break this down to a video series and make it easy for parents.

Many online sellers say - yep our cots comply. Clearly a lot of them don't as can be seen by the recalls. Parents are unsuspecting, then they are forced to stop using a cot and get a new one which is a massive hassle.

Am I on the right track - or is my thinking completely wrong?