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    Default 2 year old sleep problems

    OMG!!! My 23 month old is going through a shocking time with massive tantrums, separation anxiety etc. but the big thing, is that I have been trying for a few month now to transition her from the cot to toddler bed. We have taken the side off, and the first couple of days are good, no problems but come day 3 she starts screaming before bed, waking super early, she's an early riser anyway. But this time round it's the tantrums....they are sooooo bad, I've tried sitting in her room, it worked one night, constantly going back to the bed and putting in her bed when she hysterical. Once again I have caved in and turned her bed around so she is enclosed in the cot and wall. She calms down straight away. If I wasn't pregnant, I wouldn't be pushing it, I'm only 4 months, but I want her to be fully settled in a single bed before bub is born, because she doesn't deal well with change. I really don't want to buy a second cot. Anyone have any ideas, and when did you out your toddler in a single bed?

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    My DD went into a single bed just before 2.5years old. It was an easy transition for us, so I might not be the best person to comment on it. Could you sleep in with her for a few nights to help her get used to the new surroundings? Even if it's on the floor on a mattress, it might reassure her. It sounds like it's quite stressful for her, so I would take it slowly. Is she still napping? Does she sleep there for nap times? Does she have a special night light? We used a rail on the side of the bed for a while with our DD as she used to fall out occasionally - maybe you could put on of those on and she might feel more enclosed/safe? Hopefully someone else chimes in with some other ideas for you soon.


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