Hi there,

I'm the first time mummy of 2 wks old DD.
We had a shakey start that I had low milk supply and baby struggled with jaundice.
Because of the jaundice and weight loss due to my low milk supply, from day 4 she's been breastfed then topped up with formula.

Now she's been well and putting on weight, I'm really keen to reduce the amount of formula and more breast feeding.
But I'm still not supplying enough milk for her and formula's becoming her main meal

So I think I need a plan from lactation consultant and I found aspire lactation runs by Naomi Drew.
It says on her website that she specializes in low milk supply so it might be perfect for me, but I can't find any review of her ?

Since it's very costly I want to get the best out of there.

If anyone has used or know about her, help me please.

Or any recommendation for lactation consultant would be great !!!

I live in south side of Brisbane and home visit would be great.

TIA : )