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    Default Low AMH High FSH and starting my IVF journey

    So, a week ago we found out that we are unlikely to conceive naturally and have a low chance with IVF. I was in a bit of a daze last week so didn't take notes of my results but today I went to pay for IVF (I'm feeling poor now!), and get my drugs.

    I'm a little disappointed that my appointment was today, as my period was late, and if we had been in yesterday they would have got me to start last night but as I am in day 3 of my cycle they said I have to wait to next month to start.

    But anyway.

    The doctor last week was really negative about our chances. Everyone on here was absolutely brilliant in cheering me up, thanks so much!

    Today I remembered to ask for my results.

    I have a FSH of 22.
    An AMH of 1.6

    Not great.

    However what test is the one you're supposed to have on day 21?
    Because I actually had it on day 18, I know you're supposed to have it after ovulation however I know I didn't ovulate until the evening of day 18 and my blood test was in the morning - so I was tested before I ovulated.
    Would that have made any difference?

    Plus I had a baby 2 years ago, AND I had a chemical pregnancy in May (I even showed the nurse today the photo of the test I did in May and she confirmed it was a positive preg test).

    Are my chances REALLY that bad, baring all this in mind?

    I just want to start the IVF now, I hate that I have to wait 4 weeks to start the process!


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    Hi I'm new to forums but have been on the IVF roller coaster for a few years now. When I was first assessed as few years ago my AMH was 6.9 which I was told is low for someone my age and didn't like my chances but because I have had children before naturally he said he was sure it would work. Last week we were tested again cause we are about to start another fresh cycle as we are out of frozens now I was told if my AMH was as low as 1 he would not treat me. Got my results back and my AMH is 10.2 he was shocked cause AMH goes down not up. It only take 1 good luck I have read a lot of stories over the years don't give up until you try


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