I am posting this for my sister. She lives in the country and we are looking for a great paediatrician for her 3 yar old boy with some behaviourial issues. Sorry - if this sort of thing has been discussed before on here. My nephew is healthy physically - hearing fine (been checked). He is very understanding of anything we say to him but his language is limited. He tends to babble jibberish although can say somethings a clear as anything. his behaviour can be described as anti-social, in that if anyone takes him anywhere he runs off - has no fear of strangers, unfamiliar places or being chastised by a stranger etc. He is the personifies a hurricane. He has started going to child care group as we thought her was bored (but has escaped twice!).

He can play with other children and is not violent to them. If his mother chastises him he will scream and cry until she lets him hug her. If she refused he would keep screaming and screaming.

He can sit still and watch tv for long periods.

We can get a referral from her GP but have no idea of who is good in Sydney. It is easy enough for us to go to anyone in the north shore, eastern suburbs or city area. Anywhere where we could engage with someone that would be suitable for my nephew.

Any recommendations please?