I have had to be really organised to avoid grabbing unhealthy food on the go this week due to a very hectic schedule. I did give in the other day and had 2 hot donuts at the shop. I had been up early and at school selling ride bands for our school carnival that is on this Saturday and did not have time to even make a shake. I had my two youngest with me and we had to go grocery shopping. I desperately needed a skinny flay white and gave in too easily when they asked if I wanted the two donuts for and extra dollar : (

Although it was still within my Calorie count it really made me feel........gross. I had a headache from eating the processed sugar laden garbage. I never noticed this before. Probably because most things were processed junk.

I need to come up with an action plan for Saturday as I will be helping out all day at the Carnival. There will be plenty of temptation so I will allow myself 1 treat but I will need to be organised and take a shake for breakfast and something wholesome for lunch. Incidental exercise will not be a problem on that day!

Speaking of incidental exercise. I have done so well with that this week. I have been parking down the street and walking up to the classrooms at school pickup (lots of hills). Usually I would pick them up from the pick ups zone so this has been helpful in reaching my goal this week.