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Possibly de-railing but....

Where is people quality of life? Most of the responses seem to be up at 5-6; busy all day; maybe an hour of family time; bed early or up late. How do you do it? Why do you do it?

Can you not achieve a better work-life balance?

Not having ago, just genuinely curious.

Our routine (dd and I- single parent)

6am: wake up, feed chickens, potter in garden, pick food, water plants.
6.45: wake up DD, make breakfast smoothies, get DDs clothes out, get dressed,
7.20: get in car and drive to work/kindy
7.50: arrive at Kindy and sign in
8.00: arrive at work
5.00: finish work and pick DD up
5.40: get home, let out chooks, play in yard, garden, feed and put away animals
6.30: come inside cook dinner
7.15: eat dinner
7.45: DD baths while I do dishes
8.00: story and lights out
8.10: make lunches for next day
8.30: do whatever. Usually FB addiction sometimes read a book, call friends, watch a movie.

It doesnt always go to plan. Some days DD won't go to sleep. Some days I'm tired and go to bed early.

I don't do any household chores except on weekends. I also don't work Fridays.
Wow this is a old thread!
I guess I see our quality of life in our weekend, other than hanging or bringing in washing no house work gets done. DD has ballet and swimming other than that the weekend is about the 3 of us spending time together, doing things with friends of me having a few hours off or dh playing golf.
Also, in the beautiful house we will soon live in (building) the o/s holiday we have at least once of not twice a year. We could manage on one wage but not with the luxuries. I also enjoy my job it challenging and finally rewarding. So that's why I do it 😄