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    Default Need some ideas....

    I need to ask some advice...we are trying for our 3rd baby in the next couple of months. With my first 2 its taken me a few months to get pregnant (8 months with my first 3 months with my second)...not a big deal but in the last year my husband has been diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder and it taking a tablet that warns not to conceive while on it.

    His doctor has prescribed a powder that will get rid of the drug from his system and basically he has to stay off them until we conceive. Unfortunately the problems he was having before being on the drug will potentially come back (not life threatening just painful for the poor guy)

    So I am looking at some herbal remedies that may give me an edge to get pregnant first go or as quick as possible. Obviously I know its no guarantee but I just want to give it the best shot I can. I have been tracking my cycle and am pretty sure I have the day correct and I am taking Elevit daily and vitamin d3 as I was deficent.

    I was looking into Soy Isoflavones...and/or maybe B6 but does anyone else have any other advice that was given to them??

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    Not a herbal remedy but acupuncture could help, one that specialises in fertility. I haven't used one to conceive but I've used one for both pregnancies to bring on labour when overdue. I know the lady I saw also did acupuncture for fertility issues/IVF. Could be worthwhile checking it out

    Wishing you all the best with your TTC journey and sending lots of baby dust your way


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