She is a healthy 15kgs for her age and height.extremely active and full of energy.this is what she has eaten today so far:2.5 bowls of oats with milk1piece whole meal toast with 1/2avo1apple 1 mandarin few crackers1/2 cup milk1 big serve of lasagne1 whole meal cheese sandwich 1/2 bowl yoghurt1 can tunaShe just asked for a bowl of cereal and I talked her into having a carrot instead.we have a regular routine for meals and eat together. I keep her busy but it seems the more she does, the hungrier she gets!she comes home from crèche STARVING even tho she has 2nd helpings there.could she have worms? Do I need to look at more low go stuff?we eat very well as a family. She always eats her dinner. Am I setting her up for future issues ?Just wondering if this age is a massive growth spurt or a phase.