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    I'm just going to tell you things that have helped my girls:
    - baby swing. Proper cradle big one, as a PP said fisher price do a good cradle swing. Those space saving ones aren't as good. I love the little lamb one.
    - I would try formula. You have nothing to lose.
    - infants friends can calm an upset tummy. Try a bit every second feed,
    - keep him upright as much as possible during the day.
    - try putting him in front of the bouncer in front of the tv. Shows like in the night garden are very colourful and hold their attention well.

    Look none of those suggestions are going to win me mother of the year, but we all need to give ourselves a break and do what works.

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    Definitely get a second opinion about the reflux because it does sound like that could be part of the problem. But in saying that, some babies are just criers IMO. My DS was the same, he never had reflux but he cried whenever we put him down. He seemed to like the swing or bouncer for short periods but I found it hard to wear him when he was tiny (I only had a ring sling and I wasn't very good at using it).
    I never did any of the SOS stuff and never left him to cry unless I had to. The one time I did try letting him "cry it out" he got himself so worked up he almost choked and he didn't settle for hours. It was traumatic for both of us so I never did it again. I know it works for some babies but unfortunately, for some of us, it doesn't.

    Sorry if I missed this but how old is your bub? I found the first 2 months or so were really, really hard in terms of his crying and lack of sleep etc but after that he seemed to be more and more settled as he got older.


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