My LMP was on 1st august, ovulated on approx 18-19 august and generally have a 30-31 day cycle. On Sunday I did a HPT and got a very faint positive so faint I wasn't convinced so invested in a digital and got a positive 1-2 weeks. I've tested since with the standard HPT and lines seem to be getting fainter, today it was barely noticeable and they don't come up straight away. They're internet cheapies but claim to detect 10mui. I followed up with another gp appointment as id already had one on Monday afternoon but they accepted my home test and didn't test themselves, today I requested a test in office, their test showed negative, I took the second digital test which still shows pregnant 1-2 weeks (clear blue with conception indicator).
Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I was experiencing nausea and swollen tender breasts, yesterday the nausea had lessened and today the sore breasts have also lessened in severity, I've also awoken with a horrid flu today.

In not feeling very positive and fearful of a chemical pregnancy.

I had bloods taken yesterday morning and again this afternoon so is a waiting game for results so in the mean time turning to you all for some support and to hear similar stories with positive or negative outcomes.