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    Default Perth - Language development schools

    Hello, just after any information on Language Development Schools in the Perth ( SOR) area if possible. Our 2nd child ( son) has just turned 3 and has a speech delay. He has been in speech therepy for 6 months now but I am worried how he will go at kindy next year with all the other kids. What is the process like to get into these programs and do they make a difference. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou in advance

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    The south east metro ldc is located at belmay ps in belmont. I'm not sure where others are SOR. They have pretty strict entry criteria. I've been out of the state system for awhile so can't remember but from memory they need to have IQ in the average range (assessment by a psychologist), speech delay as assessed by a speechie and no disabilities eg autism. If your child is struggling with language then they are definitely worth it. They all have teachers, EAs and speech therapists on staff, all kids have individual plans, class sizes are smaller. Then at the end of the program they work to transition the kids over to their new schools. Entry is very competitive though, as places are limited they really can only take those most in need. Call your local education office to find out which ldc you are in the catchment area for and to find out about the application process.

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    Language Development Centre (LDC) applications are due early September so you may be too late for kindy entry next year. For kindy entry you only need a speech report so if your speechie thought your child was eligible they should already have raised it with you, done the assessment required and sent in an application.

    If you miss out for kindy you can apply for pre-primary. I would raise it with the school early term 2 as for PP entry you need an IQ assessment as well as the Speech assessment. The school psychologist should be able to do the IQ assessment.

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    my grandson is 4 next week and will be starting in a language development school in Perth. He is an adorable affectionate little boy, with a history of repeated ear infections throughout his first few years and had to have grommets put in at the age of three, since that time his speech has improved so much, but he is still behind.
    We are very concerned about his general behavior, he is extremely clumsy, very defiant seems to think he is in charge of the household, he need constant attention throughout the day which is very wearing for us all as we cannot get anything done. everything connected to Harry such as getting dressed, getting strapped into his car seat becomes an issue.
    He has recently started hitting, punching and kicking. It is like a switch is pulled one minute he is a loving child the next he is like a small monster, then just as quickly if diverted can change back again.
    We are at a total loss as what to do with him, we have seen the pediatrician who thinks he is autistic, the speech therapist who thinks he is intelligent with delayed speech, a child psychologist with no definite opinion and a social worker who after one hour with him thinks there is nothing wrong just bad parenting.
    No one has offered any practical help or given a diagnosis. I was wondering if any other parent with a child with a language development disability has experienced any of these types of behavior or maybe a parent of an autistic child. It is so frustrating not to get any answers. My daughter is a single mother trying to run a business and we are all at our wits end as to how to cope with the situation. He was asked to leave daycare today after three years because of his behavior.


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