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    When ds was 2 he pushed some sort of a carton made display for chocolates and they went absolutely everywhere in the shop. I found it hilarious and could not stop laughing, mostly because ds saw me picking it all up and he tried to help but he kept knocking it over. People stared at us, some giving us nasty looks but many smiling at us. I am not too worried what others think. I think its because I grew up with parents always valuing more what would others think rather that what would make their children happy - so I made a conscious decision always to put my kids first and (just random sorry) not worry what people i know and dont know tink about me or my kids.
    Ds was always well behaved, easy to talk to and reason with, but now I also have a feisty 18m old who knows how to throw a good tantrum. And ds, now 3, gets encouraged and copies her behaviour but both of them I ignore or I buy some bread and that keeps them quiet

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    Public tantrums are a daily occurence for my 2.5 yr old dd. She is a strong minded lil soul and has no trouble expressing her opinion.. loudly!! I got over the embarrassment long ago. We normally get laughs from other understanding mothers.
    Things I try to tame the tanty.. take a small notepad and pencil for in the shopping trolley as she loves to draw. Sometimes Ill take a toy she hasnt played with in a while. If we are grocery shopping I get her to help, this is tedious but it helps keep her occupied. If a meltdown does happen I come down to her level and talk to her calmly and but stern. I tell her she needs to calm down because I cant understand her. If she is going absolutely crackers I say that no one wants to hear her screaming & she is hurting their ears. Sometimes this makes her look around and pause. This gives me a chance to explain to her what we are doing now and promise something fun after (eg. Trip to the park or do some painting) but only if she calms down and listens to me. This usually works best if i stay calm. Even though I feel like flipping my lid on the inside.
    You are definitely not alone!


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