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    My DD was 2 years 3 months when we put her in her big bed. We tried the rapid return, and after 2 hours for a few nights in a row of putting her back in bed (finding her pretending to be a puppy on the floor of her room), we gave up and lay with her or say next to her. Now, 6 months later, she puts herself to sleep again like she used to in the cot. I know it's not ideal, but laying or sitting with her was much easier for us. There were definitely nights where she would go to bed later because I was getting DD2 to bed and DH was away/working late.

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    Sorry for my delayed response,
    Thanks for all your advice. I think I jumped the gun worrying. After the first few nights she goes straight to sleep, has even put herself to bed, even for her day sleeps!! Only problem now is some nights (not all) she gets up about 1 and comes into our room. I was putting her back into bed but last few nights my husband has been on night shift and she's been sick so I just put her in with me. I'm not as worried as I was, she's only two and won't be this age forever. I'll enjoy the cuddles while I can xx


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