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    Quote Originally Posted by French Pear View Post
    I know a lady who gave her toddler phenergan on a 8 hour flight and it had the opposite effect. It sent him hypo. She said that he was a nightmare!

    I haven't used it but I would have thought if you were considering you "might" need to use it to test it at home for the first time in case of an adverse reaction.
    I had a girlfriend give her toddler phenergan on a long haul flight which had the hyper reaction. The passenger next to her said he was a doctor and told her to give her more!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by misho View Post
    My kids are pretty good now but I did go to Hawaii with them on a night flight last year. Ds2 was pretty upset for the first part but what really helped calm him down was Brauers Calm.

    Just chilled him out a bit enough for him to sit and slowly fall asleep.
    Thanks, I have thought of Brauers Calm but a friend used it on her toddler (less active one) and she said it didn't do much. But maybe I'll try it. People swear by Rescue Remedy, so I'll check if toddlers can have it.

    Quote Originally Posted by lazyjane211 View Post
    Thanks for this post, flying by myself to the US with a very active 14 month old in October, so nervous!
    Oh goodness, good luck, I totally hear your anxiety. Maybe we'll be on the same plane - I'll be the one with the toddler with the very loud voice! Safety in numbers I reckon.... Good luck with your flight.

    Quote Originally Posted by 2BlueBirds View Post
    I remember once someone telling me a GP allowed them to give their toddler phenergan. It's an antihistamine that makes you drowsy.
    I'm sure it wouldn't hurt for the flight up and back.
    Quote Originally Posted by sycx View Post
    We did the flight to Hawaii with a 19 month old earlier this year - and he didn't have his own seat (we flew Qantas, but worth checking with your agent because Hawaiian Air quoted us a ridiculous amount just for the little one to fly on our lap - not even on his own seat. That was a determining factor for us to go with Qantas). We did have 4 adults though, so had a little more space. The overnight flight there couldn't have gone better - our little one watched tv until he was tired (about 45 minutes) then slept the whole way there. The flight back was a day time flight though - we were armed with stickers, new books, small cars etc and also the iPad. Every hour, we took a long stroll up and down the aisle. Lots of little snacks in small packets. Be over-prepared - pack more than you think you will need to entertain them!
    Thank you, we'll check on that re: pricing. And it sounds like a good plan - walking down the aisle every hour. When my son gets cranky or antsy I take him outside or for a walk and that seems to press his reset button, hopefull this will be similar (but secretly I feel that once his feet hit the floor he shall refuse anything else and we will have a huge and long tanty).

    Quote Originally Posted by sweetpeamummy View Post
    I had a girlfriend give her toddler phenergan on a long haul flight which had the hyper reaction. The passenger next to her said he was a doctor and told her to give her more!!
    I'm not sure about phenergan. I've never had it myself but a friend has it sometimes and says she feels so horrible after she takes it - I'd hate for him to feel horrible....I think I'm a little too scared to use it but I will ask his Dr. And I would hate for him to be more hyper! I think if that happens I would take the rest of the phernergan myself and let DH take care of our son. lol.

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    The tips here are all good. Can I add, pack a change of clothes for you as well as your LO. If in nappies still, put a nappy, few wipes, disposable change mat and any powder or cream into a ziplock bag. Then instead of taking the whole bag to the toilet you just take the ziplock bag.

    For me the key is distractions, food and a lot of singing (both my kids like music so when they start to get over it, interactive songs are a great tool).

    We too role play travelling. We have role played the actual boarding and going through customs etc bits, putting our seatbelts on etc.

    The best advice though is try to just relax and go with the flow. If it all goes pear shaped, remember (chant in your head if you need), the flight will end.

    I've flown a fair bit with my kids and we have had dream flights and flights from hell.

    Travel with little ones can be hard but I think it's rewarding. I love hearing my son recall trips from when he was 2 or 3 (nearly 5 now). He is also now getting really good and making some great connections between things we have seen or done and our life here.


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