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    Quote Originally Posted by Amiedoll View Post
    From within myself, I'm very self sufficient and capable. I don't really judge myself by the standards of others (I'm also pretty anti social so make what you will of that ). I won't let people disrespect me, no matter what (to quote dr phil via vic park, people treat you how you allow them too).
    I've always said we teach others how to treat us. It still rings true many years later. Best advice I could ever give anyone.

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    What a great thread and great responses! I've struggled with this for years and my self worth got very low when I had pnd. I've been working hard on it for the last year or two. In my head I think of self worth as my "inner rod", I picture it as a stick that holds me up straight and strong. I read somewhere that to be proud of yourself, you have to do things that you can be proud of. So I focused on things that were in my control - the kids, the house, the budget (I'm a sahm) and got those things functioning in a way I can be proud of. I feel so much better in myself when the house is organised and we're not chasing our tales trying to get somewhere on time.Outside the house now I am very careful who I hang around with, as selfish as it sounds I save my energy for people who are good for me and i avoid people who I find to be judgemental, critical or b!tchy. I just don't have the energy or patience to deal with unnecessary stress, and I've actually cut several people out of my life (which is hard to do but a big relief at the same time). I can't be bothered worrying what people are saying about me so if I feel I'm not accepted for who I am, then it's so long, see ya later! Worrying what people might be saying about you behind your back just saps sooooo much energy and doesn't help me in any way so I just focus on positive people and positive friendships.
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    I feel like everyone's meaning in life is different and individual. I think everyone has to find their reason for meaning. I'm beginning to find my reason in giving to others. I feel like I'm trying to change my life to set myself up a career that I feel allows me to make a difference (even if very small) in someone's day. DP has a serious heart condition and we have had many rides in the ambulance. At a time like that, the people around you really make a huge difference to how you feel and how you cope. I have applied for paramedic science. I want to be there for other people when they need it most, I want to make them feel more relaxed when they otherwise would be feeling horrible. I also particularly have a soft spot for the elderly and I know it makes a difference for them too. People need care and compassion in situations like that. I find happiness and appreciation in myself for my ability to be there for others.


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