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    Default Ds suddenly only feeds for 5-10 minute intervals then falls asleep

    Ds has suddenly started feeding for 5-10 minutes only then falling asleep. He'll then wake up again 10-20 minutes later wanting more, but again he'll only feed for 5-10 minutes before falling asleep again. This happens over & over again.

    So now im sitting here for hours holding him & trying to feed him, unable to do anything but sit in my chair with my boobs hanging out, leaking everywhere, waiting for him to wake up. Or I put him down & he immediately wakes up screaming for food so I just have to pick him up again.

    When I feed anyway it is extremely messy & milk goes everywhere, so getting set up for a feed takes a few minutes & involves towels or terry flats over my clothes & feeding pillow, face washers tucked into my bra etc - so its frustrating to have him go to sleep & put him down, then have him wake up & have to get set up all over again

    Ive tried changing his nappy & taking his clothes off, which works in that instance, but then he just keeps falling asleep again. Plus, getting up to change his nappy involves moving towels, terry flats, face washer, nipple shield etc & then having to put all that stuff back on again when he's screaming after he's finally woken up.

    I dont know if this is cluster feeding or what, but im starting to get really frustrated. Is this normal?

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    DS does this sometimes. He did it at the 4:30am feed this morning which was really frustrating! He kept falling asleep and refusing to open his mouth, so I'd put him down only for him to wake immediately wanting to feed. I finally got him back down at 6am and he woke again at 7:30.

    Breastfeeding is tough in the early weeks. I'm so tired...

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    Perhaps he isn't hungry after the initial feed, just wanting comfort? I'm not sure how old your bub is but both mine by 6-8 weeks only fed on one side for less than 10 mins, I too had a good supply and fast messy flow, but assumed they needed to feed longer as surely they couldn't have had enough?
    One day I decided to not feed again after the initial feed and just distract them, not offering it again for at least an hour. Both found their own feeding pattern after a few days. DD liked it every 3hours, DS was 5hourly.
    It's all trial and error as each kid is different but you'll find your groove soon enough x

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