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    Default Placenta acreta and hysterectomy

    Has anyone had grade 4 placenta previa, placenta acreta and then had to have a total hysterectomy to control haemorrage?

    I had the above 3.5 weeks ago when I delivered my baby girl on 1 Aug. I was always told that due to the previa/acreta that a hysterectomy was "worse case scenario' - well I am the person that the worse case always happens to...

    Despite the fact that I am 40 and this baby was going to be our last by choice, I feel like I am grieving the potential to ever have another baby. I think about the time in hospital (2 days spent in ICU and full transfusion) and all I do is cry. My partner cant understand how I am feeling and gets peeved at me for "being stupid" for feeling the way I do.

    I adore my baby girl and am so glad for the preplanning by my OB, but at the same time, I just feel so down 24/7.

    Has anyone else felt the way I do?? Am I just being pathetic??

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    Hugs, I haven't experienced any of the conditions you mentioned. You have every right to feel the way you do as it was a very traumatic event. Also the idea of not being able to have children is saddening(sp?) even if you decide this bub is the last one. Please take care of yourself and don't let your husband make you feel that you're being over-dramatic. You are not!

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    I haven't experienced what you have, but did have a placental abruption and crash c-section which was very traumatic... my OB told me whilst I was still in hospital that I would never be able to attempt a natural birth because of the incision type required at 25 weeks. Even though I was contemplating an elective CS I still felt a little cheated about this, so I guess that is analogous (but not as serious) to you already deciding you didn't want any more kids but feeling robbed by the decision being taken away from you..

    Most of my emotions, I discovered later down the track, where all part of a response to trauma and I developed mild PTSD. I would recommend a counsellor or psych; the short term counselling I was offered did not achieve a lot, but months later I went and did some more and it helped quite a bit.


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