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    Default Is the Clearblue DIGITAL Ovulation Test with Dual Hormone Indicator a pregnancy test?

    I work in the entertainment industry so have a busy (and boozy) lifestyle. I rarely have sex but had an unprotected encounter just over a month ago. Took the morning after pill 48hrs later as was travelling and didn't have a break in my schedule between planes and flights to get to a chemist.

    I have this knack of falling pregnant looking at penises (only had sex twice last year, fell pregnant off pre-cum and a condom breakage) and wasn't in the position to consider motherhood.

    I had an inkling a few weeks ago I was pregnant (been pregnant three times, almost knew instantly) so for some reason bought a bunch of tests two weeks ago, nada.

    Purchased this without realising what it was (Clearblue DIGITAL Ovulation Test with Dual Hormone Indicator - See more at: http://au.clearblue.com/clearblue-ov....LbAiT6FE.dpuf)

    And completely out of boredom tried a test three days ago. A stick comes with it that looks like the traditional pregnancy test with two lines, and the option to insert. Thought it bizarre as was on my period (it was light and sporadic) and the smiley face came up. Thought oh cool, nice little gadget but looked at the stick and there was two lines. Not ultra bright like the last time where I do a test and it's instantaneous but faint line. Do another one the next day, and the next and the second line is getting brighter.

    My question, is this a dual pregnancy AND ovulation test? I don't have any other tests on hand at 3am in the morning and was perplexed.

    That is basically my question, do the 10 sticks that come with it serve as a dual pregnancy/ovulation test? Or just ovulation? If not they are dodgy because I got a smiley face pre, during and post period. Due to work I've been sporadic with eating and my lifestyle means I'm surprised my body can sustain a pregnancy, so wouldn't be surprised if my hormone levels are very low as the pregnancy is just hanging in.

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    Read the package and see what it says. And look into other forms of birth control because it like like relying on the old franger isn't cutting it for you.

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    It's not a pregnancy test - the hormones it is testing are LH and oestrogen. To detect pregnancy it would need to be checking for hCG. If you suspect you're pregnant, get a pregnancy test. I also agree with VicPark - you might want to look at other contraception options.


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