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    Default Can babies still develop flat head after they turn 6 months?

    Just asking cuz DS is nearly 6 months, and at 4 months check the midwife said he had a 'mild' flat spot, well, we have been vigourously working on repositioning, heeeaps of tummy time, and its barely noticable now, actually he just has a bald spot from rubbing his head on the sheets but no longer flat spot IYKWIM.

    he can now roll back to front, front to back and is slowly learning to sit upright in the bumbo or his high chair and when we re out and about i will put him in the carrier.

    I guess I just want to know how strict we need to keep being with repositioning his head at sleep and nap time or is it now unlikely he will develop a true flat spot it again.

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    From what I understand, technically he still can as the skull is still so soft and forming/taking shape up until 4 years if age. I think all dramatic changes however occur by 18 months. It is highly unlikely he will though as the older they get, the less and less time they spend on their back and if he is happy with how you reposition his head while asleep he probably doesn't have a torticollis and will naturally reposition himself (even if he 'favours' one side). We just had an appointment to check our babies head as he was getting a helmet for his flat spot and we were told he no longer needs it and in fact most babies head shapes correct in time themselves. Hope that helps.

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    DS has a flat spot and two drs have told me it's no big deal, I could try repositioning but it will fix itself when he starts crawling and rolling more. He doesn't spend much time on it during the day but sleeps with his head looking perfectly straight up at night and he's a light sleeper so I can't reposition him at night. He's starting to sleep on his side more and rolling more so it will hopefully start to ease up.

    I'm currently in the UK and the Great Ormand Street Children's hospital did a massive study and found that helmets don't make a difference and that it will fix itself in time.


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