Hi there,
Just wanted to know if anyone has been on filgrastim for immune issues. I have had 3 miscarriages in a year all at less than 6 weeks. I have just started on filgrastim for my first IVF cycle, but thinking I would rather try naturally on filgrastim and other immune meds since I only produced 5 eggs on my first IVF and 3 of the 4 fertilised ones they discarded - what a waste of time and painful injections. Anyone do this naturally?

About me: have a thinnish uterine lining (doesn't get above 8mm), hubbie and I are both homozygous MTHFR. High Nk uterine cells. AMH of 8.6 (low for my age - 35). Hubbie normal albeit normal morphology of 9% (which I think is quite low?)

Would love to hear peoples success stories on filgrastim or other immune treatments. It seems that as soon as I started all the immune meds we couldn't conceive naturally when it was so easy before, but perhaps my immune system is now just super charged and the embies don't get much past implantation. Our miscarriages got earlier each time - 30 days, 27 days then 26 days and I have a 26 day cycle so it may be that I just don't get to the point of a BFP now..