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    How horrible that they threaten him with that I wouldn't want anything todo with them either

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    I've been following your posts on BH for a while now and I agree with VicPark, the fact that after all this time you are still having to deal with them is beyond comprehension; I'm so sorry you have to put up with this cr@p!

    I know it's easier said than done but I would honestly just cut them out, nothing is worth this much drama. If your DH can't agree to cut them out that's up to him, but he should see them alone and somewhere where you won't have to deal with them, i.e. not in your home. That they can still defend your SIL after how hurtful she was, and worse still expect you to bend backwards for her is insane.

    I get that you're worried about your DS not having grandparents around but they sound awful and toxic. When I was growing up my maternal grandparents weren't regularly in our lives however my paternal grandmother was and she was pretty awful, she treated my mum really badly and was always causing problems. Even as a young child I could see how tense things were when she was around. I won't go as far as to say I wish she wasn't in our lives but I will say I wouldn't have been any worse off without her. Having loving grandparents is a blessing but if they're just going to cause problems I wouldn't force myself to put up with them.

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    Thanks all. And I agree in the long run DS would be far better off without them around. I was so happy for the past year after i hadn't seen them at all ... but then DH had them over at our house every weekend helping with the garden and they just treated us like sh!t and turned our home into a war zone. Just ongoing fights all day. It put both DH and I into a state of depression and we almost ended our marriage. They're just so toxic and vile. DS being so young only see's the good in people right now... but its only a matter of time before he starts to notice that they're actually not nice people and i can't stand the thought of him being on the brunt of any of their crap.

    I think DH is scared of the idea of us only having each other, and our friends. No other family. But he has also told his parents if they bring up his sister again and demand we let her in DS's life then he said he will end it with them once and for all. They just keep going on about it every time he see's them, and MIL is constantly at me about how close they were as kids... and i know she blames me for DH and his siter no longer speaking, even though it was SILs actions that caused it. I have now told him i dont want to hear anything more about them, i dont want to see them. I am officially done. DH told me they are really good with DS when he takes him over for a visit for a couple hours without me there.. MIL doesn't have me there to compete with, and FIL apparently is good on those occasions. But then get them in a family environment, or involve them with anything of our life and they try to control it or tear it apart. I think its best to just forget about them. Soon DS will be busy with his new little baby sister anyways so that will hopefully entertain him from wondering with his grandparents are.


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