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DP is 36 this year. We've been living together for a quite a while now. Very happily I may add. We have 2 poodles, 2yrs and 1 yr old. We are very happy together with no idea of looking else where. I'm pretty sure I've found my forever man <3
He's not ready yet, I'm certain. I hope he's ready in the next 3 years though!
I've had a whole heap of issues with my woman bits, and I'd like to retire them before I hit 35. I'm also really wanting to donate eggs, so I want to do that before 35 also.
I feel so selfish pushing the subject with him, but it's a huge part of my life, motherhood. I'd really like go on the journey with him
Men mature slower than women But he still seems quite young. Maybe he's just enjoying everything he has at the moment before taking the step into fatherhood? When you sit him down and talk to him honestly, not through text, what does he say?