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    Default What do YOU do when you feel like you're losing faith in humanity?

    For a while now I've been feeling pretty down about .... yanno, people.

    I spend all day every day working with the general public, and they are so rude, selfish, and entitled ... some of them I'd even categorise as evil, based on the behaviour I witness from them.

    Just today, an old lady I know was involved in a very serious accident where she could have died, and some idiot stood there filming it instead of helping, and then uploaded to facebook ... where more idiots decided to express their sentiment that they wished she HAD died.

    I mean, really. Is that not disgusting? I feel sick thinking about it.

    It has gotten to the point that I don't want to leave the house because I know I will have to see people, and I truly can't help but think that they are generally horrible.

    Have you ever felt like this? What do you do to restore some faith and feel better?

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    That is truly horrible. I occasionally watch videos on YouTube where people do random acts of kindness for homeless people. I also make sure there are enough good facebook pages of people helping others to counter the news pages I see on my newsfeed on facebook. I don't go out much either. I'm pretty happy at home with my boys and I hope to raise them with good morals so they won't stand by instead of helping someone.

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    I don't watch the news or read the newspaper very often.

    I try to only associate with good, friendly, kind people in my free time, including on social media. This means unfollowing or blocking people/posts/pages that are distressing or that bring me down. And I follow wonderful organisations that do amazing things to help others.

    I try to be in the moment with my beautiful kids and husband, and try to find joy in the everyday things.

    I find what helps overall is making a conscious effort (when I have the choice) to avoid the things that distress me and to seek out the things that lift me up

    Your experience sounds awful btw, I hope you're okay

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    I often ponder where our society is headed, and it's so easy to get caught up on the negatives- not only what you've mentioned, but also things like the ice epidemic etc.

    But then I also think that the human race has had a b a r b a r I c side to it; there's plenty horrible stuff in the bible and many accounts of horrible things through history.

    But there is also good in the world, and some days you may have to look for it a bit harder. I do try and practice being a good person- just little things by letting others ahead of me, smiling and saying please and thanks all the time. I at least hope my own children will follow suit. It's the best way to be the change we want to see
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    I agree with this pp, sometimes if you find it hard to see good in society you have to do something small yourself, even if it's just something small, take in the neighbours bins, pay for the next person in line's coffee, smile at a random stranger. It all goes into the big mixing pot and makes the world just that little bit better :-)

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    Oh I completely get where you're coming from. I've been out the last few weeks with my DD a couple of times and I've had people literally say
    'What's wrong with her?' (She has a syndrome and wears leg braces). So rude.
    I've heard tons of nasty comments. Not to long ago my workplace (which I since left) told me that people didn't want me back from maternity leave because they basically hated me. When I thought they are my friends. Plus other things. ..
    BUT then little things happen. My DIG from here. .. several ladies I've never met in real life, fundraised for me last year to afford expensive medication for my DD.
    A friend who lives interstate sends me a present. ... Some friends text to check in to see how I'm going. A nice man holds the door open and mentions to me how gorgeous my daughter is. I give a stranger some books she was hunting and she gives me a box of chocolates. My new boss tells me how great I am in my new job.

    There's more I could mention. It's so easy to let the rubbish stuff get you down. I do let it get to me more than I should. Then I think about all this good stuff. .. It's definitely out there!

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    Sorry you had such an awful experience OP, that was pretty unpleasant People can be pretty horrible. I'm thinking of studying nursing and I know as a nurse I will come up against all kinds of selfish horrible people who are sick and miserable. But at the same time I know I will come across lots of lovely people because thankfully they do exist even though it seems sometimes humanity is a seething cesspool of horribleness.

    But to answer your Q, what do I do when I start to lose faith? I try to find the good people I guess. And I work on my inner rod. I have my home and my family, I can raise my kids to make the world a better place, and I can do things myself to make the world a better place. And (I hope this doesn't sound smug) if I'm a good person, if I can do the right thing and be kind to others... well I'm just a normal Joe Soap so there must be many many others just like me.

    When I really can't face the world I hole up in my little house and gather my strength, work on my inner rod, lower my expectations of others. And then when I feel strong enough I go back out again, with a little less faith but a little more strength. And something always happens to restore my faith in people. Because there are great and good people out there who make the world a better place just by existing.

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    Op i think I get where you're coming from.
    I constantly ask myself - what the eff is wrong with people? At work, in the car, when shopping, dealing with life in general and sometimes it's an absolute struggle to see the good. Especially the good intent.

    Every time I hear of another violent act, a woman dead at the hands of an intimate partner or ex partner, bad things happening to little kids, bad things happening to people in general I wonder when on earth it became ok to take what you haven't earned, what you've no right to, that is precious to someone else. It makes no sense to me at all.

    To counteract it, I force myself to go looking for acts of goodness or kindness. They are there - if we look for them. And then I try and emulate them. Not through huge acts of world changing, but through the little things. Buying a homeless guy a coffee and a sandwich, reading a story to a kid in the waiting room at work, letting someone in front of me at the supermarket, smiling at a random person walking towards me on the street - or even just looking up at a person on the street instead of looking everywhere but at them!

    I have no idea if these tiny insignificant things make any difference to them, but it does to me. It makes me feel better, if only for a minute, about the world around me.

    I also have to turn the TV and internet off sometimes. Sometimes what I see and hear make me so angry I can barely contain it. This is not good for my blood pressure and DP really doesn't like it when I yell at the TV!

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    I follow some nice pages on FB like Upworthy, Huffington Good News and I *ucking love science.

    However, you only need to look as far as the hub to be reminded that 99% of people just want to be helpful and 'do good'. The hub is a cesspit of nice-ness as people trying to connect and help other people!! There are pages and pages of complete strangers connecting in a positive manner, offering advice, support, assistance etc. Every time someone posts they are contributing to this community. Now some posts might be a bit off but this does not negate the thousands of other supportive posts.

    Just last week I had the unfortunate experience of seeing an unconscious woman having CPR administered on her. It was horrible, she was not responsive but there were about half a dozen first aiders taking turns to give her mouth-to-mouth and heart compressions whilst the ambulance got there. All strangers, all without hesitation doing what they could to help this woman. It was a bit yuck too, the woman had blood in her mouth but that did not deter anyone giving her mouth-to-mouth.

    There was that incident in Perth where the man got his leg stuck in between the train and the platform and without hesitation all the passengers helped to push the train far enough so he could free his leg. That's my Australia!

    Whilst the world can certainly be a distressing place at times I think the good stories just don't get the coverage they deserve. War, murder, crime, violence make the news. The absence of war, murder, crime, violence doesn't make the news - it should.


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