Hey guys!

I'm the new kid on the block

I currently don't have any children (I'll have little ones running around in the not too distant future).

I'll be honest - I'm here to do research. Whilst I don't have children of my own I am surrounded by people who do. The thing which shocks me the most is the price of everyone that has 'baby' attached to it! Same goes for wedding/function/engagement/21st/etc etc

I am starting a new business to help bring stylish, yet affordable furniture to new parents. Looking around, there is very little that screams out innovation. All the products from the major brands and even boutique online stores/ebay/gumtree etc - all of these products just blend together. Anything that is innovative has a massive price attached to it - not right in my opinion.

So....I'll be here, lurking and reading up a lot

Thanks guys