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    Default HcG Levels? Pregnant or Not.


    Recently I’d been feeling unwell - tired, nauseas - off my food and my abdomen is sore. I think my DD had a tummy bug and I suspected I picked this up.

    My GP suspected pregnancy although, I don’t feel pg. (have 1 dd - had very prominent pg symptoms)

    I had a check of pregnancy Hcg levels and got back a reading of 8ulm/ml. My GP didn’t confirm a pregnancy and said he couldn't and I will have a follow up full blood work next week.

    Will I be pregnant? or can HCG pop up as an anomaly for other ailments? Why was this a questionable answer from my GP.

    I have no underlying health problems apart from that I have type 2 diabetes and Gilberts Syndrome (heredity liver syndrome)

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    I think a certain level of HCG (maybe under 5...?) is normal, pregnant or not.
    When I did IVF anything over 100 was considered pregnant, but it would of course depend at how many days past ovulation you were tested!

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    @bounty is spot on; anything 5 and under is normal and they usually double every 48 hours. So a level of 8 could be an indication of a very early pregnancy or something less joyful. Your GP would be waiting to see if the levels rise or fall before wanting to commit to a diagnoses. My advice would be to stay on top of him/her. Don't let them fob you off with if you're not feeling any better in a week. Any discomfort in your abdominal area is something you have to watch and is very hard for a doctor to diagnose. And a doctor may assume that you are feeling better if you don't tell them that you're not. I wasn't vocal enough when I had abdominal pain and it turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy which was left for so long that I lost my fallopian tube.


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