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    I never thought I would make it to BF to the 6 month mark because I had a horrible first 12 weeks. (mastitis a few times, blocked ducts, thrush, oversupply, blisters, bad latch, you name it, I had it) that and the added pressure of my mum to stop BF and to FF. well, whenever my mum starts telling me what to do it makes me more determined to do things my own way so being me and headstrong, i pushed through it all. Last 3 months have been going really well and since I feel like I missed out on the good times the first 12 weeks I will try to keep going till DS is at least 12 months.

    So many times I have thought about giving up in those first 12 weeks, I have called the Australian Breastfeeding Association ladies a few times, seen a lactation consultant, been crying in the office of the midwife who did my DSs 2 month check. I nearly gave up. I was simply not prepared and didnt know much about all the stuff that Id have to work through while BF.

    Now that I know I can do it, I will definitely try to BF again next bub. Will try to get into it with a more relaxed view though, whatever happens happens and if i cant do it so be it but now at least I know what to expect. Wish I had had all this knowledge before my BF journey though.

    all in all I feel it has been worth it though, love the sense of achieving the 6 month mark soon

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    I had a hard time with dd. So when ds arrived I made sure the minute I was in recovery I had the midwife help me with feeding. Which I never had with dd and he has been a perfect feeder although this time I have had trouble with my milk supply.
    For my situation I think having help with him attaching asap helped as dd didnt attach until she was four months

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    DS is almost 4 weeks old and this has been a completely different experience to DD. I agree with a PP that it depends a lot on the baby - DD was a lazy feeder and a small baby so she struggled to latch properly and encourage my supply. I tortured myself with constant feeding and pumping and she still barely gained weight. As it turns out, she had intolerances that contributed to her issues and she went on prescription formula at 12/13 weeks. Best decision ever.

    For DS, he's a strong feeder and a bigger baby - his latch isn't perfect but he's good enough and persistent enough to be encouraging my supply. I am on motillium again but only pumping occasionally (no more than twice a day). I really don't agree with any advice that suggests pumping many times a day. It's exhausting and stressful, which is detrimental to your supply and your mental & physical wellbeing. I am more relaxed this time, more willing to accept those days when bub just wants to feed all day and pre-planned where I'd go for support (I got way too confused with way too many opinions and conflicting advice last time).

    Depending on why you had trouble last time, think hard about whether you want to try again and plan what you'll do to address the issues if they happen again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fox in Sox View Post
    I could not get it with #1, and when pregnant with #2, had the attitude that if I could BF her, that was great, and if not, whatever. I had seen one healthy kid raised on formula, and knew it wasn't the end of the world.

    I think the fact that I put less pressure on myself contributed A LOT to my successful BFing of #2. The other thing that helped was that I knew going in that it wasn't necessarily going to be easy. No one told me with my first baby that sometimes it's hard, so I had false expectations I think.

    So for me, all about state of mind.
    This was me with my third and fourth. My first two I had a goal to get to 6 months and didn't make it. With the next two I just thought I'll make it as far as we make it and fed #3 for 12 months and #4 is still going currently at 15 months. I think I also clicked after feeding #2 formula from 8 weeks that personally I find breastfeeding so much easier, I hate hate hate washing bottles lol!

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    BF DS1 for 3 weeks
    BF DS2 for 2 months then used up all the EBM I had frozen, gradually
    BF DD for 4.5 months and still going. Ironically, it has come easiest with DD but im also going back to work the earliest (she will be 6 months) so will have to partially wean.

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