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    Default Feels like I dont know what my child wants anymore..

    I have a 21 month old with 2nd one due early next year. Last few weeks have been a challenge - my toddler is acting out, he is normally quite placid and has always been easy to calm and make happy again. Now, I feel like I have someone else's kid - I don't understand what he wants anymore. He seems to just want to break/kick/push/tip/poke everything he comes into contact with and will not care if I say no (a hundred times) and if I have to get up and take it away and pull him away from item - he chucks a tantrum. Everything is 'mine' and 'no' at the moment and its driving me insane. No more cuddling and cutie, he just walks around giving me this look that says 'im going to be a monster today'. We're trying to get him to take naps in his big boy bed and I keep thinking, maybe its better when this 'phase' has stopped - but what if it doesn't. Don't know how to deal with these changes, it make me so angry and I don't like that feeling . I know its normal - but how do you deal with it?
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    Poor you! My 2;7 son has his moments too. Be consistent with your parenting and try to find some extra time. I remind myself he is an assertive independent young boy who won't get pushed around and isn't afraid to say no! It's totally normal phase for them to say no. The hitting/whacking needs to be addressed though. We use time out and have "rules". But lots of cuddles too lol xxx


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