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    Default Fatigue and loss of appetite

    Hi all,

    First post and new member to the site. Am currently 33 weeks (tomorrow) with my 5th child. Am aged 40. My last pregnancy was 10 years ago. I have two girls aged 19 and 16 and 2 boys aged 14 and 9. My youngest boy also has Noonan Syndrome.

    Am finding that this pregnancy has been so much more exhausting than what I remember with any of my others, especially the last two weeks!! I work full time in a law firm and it is very demanding mentally. I am going to speak with work about possibly cutting back my hours by at least an hour a day shortly until I go on maternity leave. I am finding around 2pm that I am struggling to keep my eyes open and by the time I get home am usually a cranky and exhausted mess and can do barely more than say hello to the kids, eat some dinner, lay in bed resting until it is time to get my youngest to bed, then usually fall asleep by 11pm. I am assuming my age this time around has a lot to do with it - I'm not a spring chicken like I used to be! smile My blood results are all normal apart from being very low in vitamin D, which I am taking supplements twice a day for. I need to work as long as I can as I only get 5 weeks full paid maternity leave from my employer, but am wondering how much longer I can keep this up. Any suggestions or has anyone else experienced the same being an older age?

    On a different note, I have noticed the last 3 weeks that my appetite has been declining, to the point where I am finding that I am just not developing any sort of hunger like I used to and would be lucky to eat one meal a day at the moment. Reflux/heartburn has been bad, but I am managing it with Mylanta well. I am a very thin lady normally and have always found it hard to gain weight, and am really all just belly at the moment, don't seem to have put on much of a reserve throughout the pregnancy. I am worried now that I am not getting enough nutritionally, and why my appetite would have decreased so rapidly out of nowhere. Is it just because bub is really taking up space now and is it normal for appetite to rapidly decline at this stage of pregnancy?

    See my GP for my 33 week check tomorrow. Last check at the antenatal clinic (I am doing shared care) my BP was sitting at 138/78 which is up for my normal (usually sits around 120/70. They did ask me if I had had any prior troubles with blood pressure (which I did with my second child and ended up being induced as a result) but didn't seem too concerned about it - said as long as that top number stayed below 140 they were happy. I guess if it has again gone up when I see my GP tomorrow we may need to start keeping a closer eye on it.

    Anyway, any advice/input would be great to ease my mind a bit. My last pregnancy was so fraught with worry and problems (due to his genetic disorder, we nearly lost him a few times) that I am a bit more on the nervous side this time around, despite that fact that so far everything looks and is going well and without any complications at all.

    Sorry for the long post!
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