My girls are now getting that little bit older but when I had a baby and toddler and needed some sanity I would put them in the pram and away we would go. Some days id walk 10km because they were sleeping others only 4km but it felt good getting out in the fresh air.

The other thing I've now taken advantage of and if you are interested in it or can afford membership then join a gym with a crèche. Feed bub in the car before gym then enjoy an hour to yourself. At my gym they have showers, hair dryers and GHD's so can work out for 30-45mins then take the remainder to do your hair. I've really been enjoying this lately and try do an hour 4 days a week.

Second the sitting and watching a show. Might be your toddler is napping and you're feeding or have the baby sleeping on you but relax and enjoy the quiet time!