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    Default DS separation anxiety?

    I some ideas or to hear that there's hope lol
    DS has always from day dot been a cuddly needy baby. He loves contact and to be held, which was nice because DD was the opposite.
    He's now almost 10 months old and its turning into a bit of a challenge. Unless I am in the same room and he can see me he screams and cries uncontrollably... and he doesnt stop... ever... and theres no distracting him.
    If we are out and about and someone approaches and just says hi to him he will have a meltdown. Sometimes I have to hold him all day... I would oblige if he was my only child but I have a toddler and a house to run too and he DOESN NOT SLEEP! he can go all day with no sleep and he goes to bed and wakes up at the same time as DD who's 2, I suspect hes overtired and sensitive but I cannot put him down its 2 out of 10 times he'll go down for a nap the rest he'll wake up as soon as I put him down after he's fallen asleep on me, I sometimes let him sleep on me but realistically I cannot do that everyday. I wear him sometimes but he's heavy and Im in pain and in need of a chiro if I do...
    He s literally the worlds sookiest baby

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    Separation anxiety starts at 8/9mths and peaks at 18mths. Resolves around 2-2.5yo.

    He could just be a koala baby. Big hugs to you tho.

    wifey of hubby who is always away. mother of two girls who are always amusing.

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    Aw that sounds so intense for you would he be happy if he was more at your level when you were doing stuff ie sitting in the highchair with a few safe kitchen implements to entertain him while you pottered in there? Happy to sit in the laundry sink doing the same thing while you sorted laundry or chucked a load on? What things are you having trouble doing with him hun? Maybe we could think of a few things to help you both through this transition.

    Regarding babywearing, what are you using? Around that age you will def be better off using some type of back carry rather than carrying him on your front.

    With the sleeping, if you can quickly get the above done you might find you have more time to lay down and rest with him? I also found when I was feeling smothered by a clingy child that backwearing gave me a chance to feel somewhat un-smothered and they usually fell asleep quiet quickly.

    Consider putting a comfy mattress on the floor in the lounge so you can rest together while watching your toddler play, I know this was a life saver for me when my kiddies where clingy while sleeping (when I didn't want to babywear).

    Big this can be such a full on time, I hear ya and you are not alone!

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    I can relate, DD was the same. I'm sure I wrote a thread asking about it somewhere on here back in the day.
    Anyway, it has, for the most part, improved dramatically with age. She has just turned 2 and has gone from crying when strangers spoke to her to absolutely revelling in the attention, happily chit chatting to EVERYONE.
    I was like you, couldn't even leave the room without her crying for me. I couldn't leave her side for at least the first 15 months. She wouldn't even go to DH most of the time, wouldn't allow anyone to hold her but me and would cry hysterically when I left her home with DH a couple of days a week to start part time work.
    Just yesterday it occurred to me that she had almost completely outgrown her clingy behaviour, as I needed to duck out to the shops and decided to leave her behind and as I walked put of the door she happily waved and called out "bye mum!".
    It's hard, but it will pass with time and you'll soon wonder where your clingy little baby has gone

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