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    Default Day sleeping

    How can I get my 5 week old ds to sleep during the day?

    He is now sleeping well at night in his bassinet, which is great!

    However he basically refuses to sleep during the day, whether in his bassinet, his rocker or anywhere else.

    He will usually sleep in the car but only while the car is moving & given I dont drive, thats not a daily solution

    He will sleep in the pram sometimes, but not always

    He just wants to be awake & interacting, all day. But then the afternoon/evening is a complete nightmare cause he is so overtired its virtually impossible to settle him & then he screams for hours.

    Any tips??

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    I have this problem with my 11 week old. I'm only now realising just how overtired he was. I try to get to notice his tired signs early and do a mini version of his night time routine. Pretty much, I nurse him down or pat him down til he is very quiet and calm, and then I can put him down to sleep. I know people say not to feed to sleep, but that depends who you talk to.

    I use a hugabub wrap to help get him tired as well.
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    I swear with every post your little munchkin sounds more like my first!

    I don't have any useful advice for how to get him to sleep longer during the day, once DD's night sleeping got good I just accepted that she only wanted 3 x 15-20 min naps a day. Eventually the witching hour reduced from being all afternoon to just an hour before bed too.

    To actually get those 15 minute naps I found the bouncer worked the best. She liked quite a vigorous bouncing, her head would almost wobble a little (she had a strong neck like your LO). I'd bounce her to sleep then sneak away to go to the toilet, make a cuppa etc. I'd try bouncing again when she stirred to resettle - 1 time out of about 50 this would work!

    Some mums find that a routine helps, spacing out feeds helps, putting them down as soon as they do the first eye rub/yawn/glazed look. Most of these did work with my 'easy' DS.

    If your little man is a livewire like my DD, and you do end up with pathetic day naps but good night sleep, here's my advice. Do as much as you can early in the day while bub is happy, peel potatoes and put the chook on the tray so come 5pm all you need to do is turn the oven on, get a shower while bub sits in the bouncer (and some days possibly screams), do a little tidy and prepare a snack for later. Then just anchor down for the afternoon, expect that you'll be doing nothing but tending to bub. Make sure DH expects nothing of you during the day. Don't base your expectations of what your day should be like with a baby on the experiences of parents with average-needs babies.

    Hang in there. I've said it before but those early weeks of hell were worth it a thousand times over for my precious little girl!
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