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    Default Gay couple in Sydney looking to start our family :)

    Hi all!

    My partner and I have just had another failed attempt at IVF and surrogacy in Thailand. We have decided that we would much rather be closer to the whole process and we had heard a few stories of couples who had met potential surrogate mothers on forums like these, or have at least had some good advice given to them, so we wanted to introduce ourselves.

    We started the process last year and had an egg donor flown in from South Africa to Thailand, unfortunately it didn't work out, so we engaged in another agency after having asked for the donor with the most proven results but unfortunately, that didn't work either.

    We're now regrouping and working out what to do in our situation, trying to work out how much we can borrow/sell to do it all again!

    We had been considering the US, however, whilst they've got the system down pat, we'd not have enough money to see it through. We then looked at Canada, which seems a very real possibility and we've also heard things about things opening up in Nepal or Mexico; but neither of those places I'd feel particularly comfortable with, as I haven't heard much positive information coming out of either place in relation to surrogacy for either Intended Parents or surrogate mothers.

    We had always wanted the option of having one egg donor and two surrogate mothers, with each having a child which would be fathered by each of us. That was the option we were looking at doing in Thailand. However, I've got a rare genetic heart condition, which has recently been giving me grief, perhaps partly to the stress of the IVF. I'd always been told that I'd have a 50% chance of being passed down to my children but that having it monitored in early childhood and treated, the likelihood of my children having any problems with it would be miniscule. However, after two events where my Defibrillator went off a few weeks ago, it's made me seriously consider better options. My sister has been tested negative to the disease which would mean that she'd not be a carrier.

    She has offered to donate eggs for us, using my partner's sperm which is great. She doesn't have her own children, so doesn't feel they're able to carry the child for us.

    I'd never considered Australian surrogacy properly until I joined a few online groups and realised that there are wonderful women out there who would be willing to help (and of course be looked after properly during the process). We're in Sydney and I'd be really interested in talking to other Intended Parents and people who may have any advice and may know of the right direction to be pointed in.

    Thanks so much for reading this! Sorry if it was a bit of an essay. Have a great night, all!

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    Hi There!

    My partner and I wanted a family of our own for as long as I can remember and we were lucky enough to have found an awesome donor, in our home town and our little dude is expected to arrive in Jan 15.

    From your post I can just tell that you are both so passionate about starting your family and its just awesome to see.

    I will find the exact link however there is a webpage that advertised, where we signed up to find our donor where you basically load up a profile of you and your partner, you can then search for donor's surrogate's etc. This is how we found our donor, who is just amazing and will be donating for us again next year.

    Surrogacy is such a wonderful thing although very hard to find, you guys sound like you have been on quite the journey already, so I do hope that everything comes together soon .

    We used: http://www.sperm-donors-worldwide.com/

    We signed up thinking we have nothing to lose!

    Where abouts are you located, here in Brisbane they have a couple Clinics (City Fertlility) who may be able to give advice on Surrogacy.

    Hope to hear good news and please keep us updated on your journey!


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